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Liberate yourself from words 

discover the secrets of signing
(it's remarkably simple)

About the Workshop


Ever felt something is missing from your knowledge of sign language? Do you wonder if you will ever master it? 

You will get on a path towards mastery of sign language with our system and approach.
Ever felt something is missing from your knowledge of sign language? Do you wonder if you will ever master it?  

Begin to see what Native Signers know.

Discover you can think in sign language. 

Recognize the way your body creates meaning.


Become able to see meaning without words.

Depart from worded thinking. 

Radically improve your signing.

We address these questions...

Do you wonder how and why Deaf signers look fluent? What makes hearing signers look hearing? What makes native signers so expressive and clear? What makes some ASL masters so good at being concise yet still being informative? How can a signer use classifiers more efficiently and precisely?

Through a series of 2 hour workshops ultimately to release ourselves from wordiness... 

Unlearning Words is a workshop series aimed to benefit anybody who wish to improve their expressive ASL style and informational conveying to a radical level. An interplay between lecture and interactive dialogue, this workshop aims to convey some deliberation on the topic of sign language expression, exploring the origins of words, their purpose and the effect they have on the processes of signing.

We hope to use this workshop as a spring board for interpreters and signers to unlock their true signing potential. With the right guidance and thinking, all people can discover ASL’s inherent efficiency and emotional fluency. 

Start your journey

to signed thought.

There is a path to true insight into what sign language is. These workshops aim to give you a better understanding and allow you to begin to unlearn words. To gain a new way of thinking...

Why the workshop?

This workshop series was born out of Seth's desire to show people what sign language truly is. 


This desire arose from having worked with sign language in many settings, professional and casual...

  • ASL Coaching for movie sets & scripts

  • Supporting several Broadway interpreted shows

  • Acting

  • Teaching students

  • performing ASL onstage

  • befriended interpreters over dinners
    and happy hours...

Working with signers of all levels and skills, he saw there was a common insight that only master signers had. This insight made signing effortless and natural. Offering this workshop is his way to share such insight to you.







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