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Jul 31
2 hrs

Eligible for .2 RID CEUs • $55 • 2 hours

Unlearning Words #1: Begin to See

About the Workshop

Do you wonder what makes hearing signers look hearing? What makes native signers so expressive and clear? What makes some ASL masters so good at being concise yet still being informative? How can a signer use classifiers more efficiently and precisely? Do you find yourself thinking in words and unable to truly transcend beyond words? Have you felt that remembering all of these signs and knowing the nuance between a bit overwhelming? Have you thought... "What is the secret behind the art of signing? How do some do it seemingly without effort?" Over 600 people who have taken this workshop have thought the same questions as you and learned the answers to such questions afterwards! The secret, in short, is mastering the art of unlearning words, reducing the reliance on words, and then thinking fully in sign. You will enjoy a lecture and hands-on activities, filled with thrilling research and anecdotes shedding light on what signing and words are, and how they both produce meaning. This 2 hour workshop is designed to pull away the curtains behind the reason why you think in words and begin to transform how you THINK! Eligible for .2 CEUs and .2 RID CEUs. Notes are provided for future reference to the workshop AND those who pay for the workshop will be able to access a self-guided course with the same information in March/April 2024.

Questions or more?

Getting & Paying for CEUs

RID CEUs are available for $10 to those who are interested (0.2 CEUs).

More information is included in the initial email sent after registering.

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