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Eligible for .2 RID CEUs

Online Workshop via Zoom

Unlearning Words #2: Beyond Words

Further your mastery in signed what holds sign language together as a whole!

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About the Workshop

Do words still plague your thinking when signing? Do you still find yourself thinking "how do I sign this?" Do you still have the desire to master signing? Have you continued to feel there's something missing? Do you believe that there's some elements you don't know about and that is what stops you from mastering signing? Do you wonder how meaning is made in sign language? Do you want to think the way the native signer thinks? Building on the first workshop's discoveries, we delve even deeper into the native signer's mind. In this second workshop of the Unlearning Words, you will uncover the foundations hidden underneath the production of signed meaning, and and begin to truly see signing for what it is. Together, we will unpack an interleaved web of relationships that since had been hidden and make them apparent and integral to your signing coming forward. The insights and tools shared in this workshop enables you to recognize the deepest relationships you have with words and signs. The tools that you will gain are raw, real, and personal, which makes the knowledge lasting and useful. Qualified for .2 CEUs and .2 RID CEUs.

  • From 55 US dollars
  • LIVE Zoom Workshop

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Getting & Paying for CEUs

RID CEUs are available for $10 to those who are interested (0.2 CEUs).

More information is included in the initial email sent after registering.

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